COMMUNITY Gift Certificate - Sewing Course $100 or $125


Image of COMMUNITY Gift Certificate - Sewing Course $100 or $125

COMMUNITY Gift Certificate - Sewing Course
$100 or $125

Give the gift of a sewing course to someone you love.

At Community we offer beginner and intermediate level sewing courses focusing on garment construction. The courses are small, usually between 4 and 8 students, so we can assure plenty of attention for each of the students. The classes are for ages 12 and up.

Beginners Sewing Course: $100
(listed as $93.46, see explanation below)

The beginners sewing course focuses on becoming familiar and comfortable with the sewing machine, and teaches basic clothing construction. like a simple top or skirt.

Basics of Garment Construction: $125
(listed as $116.83, see explanation below)

The intermediate course is focused on working with a sewing pattern and teaching different sewing techniques like installing a zipper, necklines, and sleeves.

This gift certificate will cover the cost of one of these courses. After purchase we will mail the certificate to the specified mailing address.

Our website template automatically adds 7% sales tax to all listings. Since we are not required to charge sales tax for sewing courses, we lower the price of the listing, so it adds up to $100 or $125 with the added 7%. It will be added at checkout.

Please note that supplies are not included in the price of the course. Students will be responsible for bringing their own machine and supplies. There will be minimal additional costs for supplies like a pattern, thread, fabric, and other sewing supplies.


  • 93.46
  • 116.83