260 N Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30601
Email us at communityathens@gmail.com
Call us at 706.316.2067 (for alteration questions and quotes call 706.296.0359)

Store Hours: Mondays through Saturdays: 11am - 6pm
Sundays: 12-4pm

Community is a boutique centered around the concept of sustainability without the sacrifice of style.

Opened in 2010 by Sanni Baumgärtner in Athens, Georgia, Community seeks to bring chic clothing to our clients while encouraging them to buy locally and sustainably. When entering the store, you’ll find an array of  redesigned vintage clothing and clothing handmade by local designers. We also offer women’s vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories.


In addition, there are a wide variety of artisan gifts made by talented crafts people around Athens. These locally made items include everything from handmade soaps and chocolates to handbags and paper goods. We also offer a selection of home decor such as decorative pillows, furniture, lighting, and local prints and paintings. Each item that leaves our doors is individually unique. Sanni methodically picks timeless vintage clothing in order to make the shop a truly curated experience. We also offer alteration services, sewing classes, personal styling, and closet consultations.

The name Community also references another central goal of our boutique - to make our space one of comfort and creativity to everyone who enters the doors.


Community Service
Community Service is our in-house brand of redesigned vintage clothing. Designed by owner Sanni Baumgärtner as a way to merge vintage fabrics and designs with current fashion. Sanni and our team work to update vintage clothing that, while not initially flattering, can still be reused to make beautiful, timeless clothing. We hand alter each piece, or create new items from repurposed fabrics, and hope that you get just as much excitement wearing something completely unique as we do creating it.

Community Made
Community Made is a sustainable and locally made line of products, exclusively designed for Community. Our line of limited edition T-Shirts is designed by Athens' artists and musicians, and screen printed on Alternative Earth Tees. A percentage of the profits support Nuci's Space, a local musicians' resource center.

Sustainable Fashion
Here at Community, we have a passion for all things sustainable.
In the fashion sense, “sustainable” means producing clothing using methods which emit no or very little pollutants in manufacturing and do not deplete non-renewable resources. The textile industry discharges toxic chemicals into the environment, uses pesticides and nonrenewable fabrics (such as synthetic polyesters and nylons), and consumes enormous quantities of energy. In contrast, sustainable clothing saves energy and natural resources. Sustainable textiles can range from pieces made from renewable or organic fibers, to vintage or re-used clothing. Buying local, vintage, or redesigned pieces, or reworking older clothing you already own are simple ways to reduce your environmental footprint and promote the eco-friendly fashion movement. Rest easy knowing that each piece you receive from Community is not only beautiful, but also gentle on our environment.